Orange Floral Face Mask


This pretty orange floral face mask is an exquisite addition to your wardrobe. With its beige colour and tiny orange floral print, this subtle yet stylish face mask adds a feminine touch to your everyday look. Constructed from an outer layer of cotton and inner layers of satin that is known for its breathability, comfort, and gentleness on the skin, you’ll be able to wear it for extended periods of time. What’s more, this face mask is sewn to fit snugly, ensuring there is no need for a metal nose bridge. For added protection against dusts, pollens and allergens, there is also an inner pocket designed for optional filter inserts. The face mask has three layers, and its good quality stitching ensures long-lasting durability.

✓ Outer layer – Cotton
✓ Inner layers – Satin (random matching color)
✓ Inner pocket for filter inserts (filter inserts not included)
✓ Elastic ear loop (adjustable)
✓ Wide Coverage for sun protection
✓ Machine Washable
✓ Snug fit

Approximate Measurements:
✓ 12.5cm width (when folded in half, side to side)
✓ 14.0cm height

Note: The reusable face mask is individually handmade, so please allow for a slight variance in measurements. This is not a medical grade face mask and is not intended as a replacement for medical grade personal protective equipment.






Reusable Face Masks


Cotton, Satin