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Embracing Curves Women Wear Collection

A little about us

An online platform for sustainable shoppers with a penchant for functional, elegant and timeless fashion and lifestyle items. We collaborate with like minded independent creators to bring you items that are thoughtfully crafted and are made to last beyond seasons. 

Our Collection

Cushion Covers

Oriental Cushion Cover - Gold Black Red White

Our Oriental theme Cushion cover is a very affordable way to uplift the mood of your rooms instantaneously. Unplanned, we saw these beautiful brocade fabric and decided to make cushion covers with them. Thankfully, our customers are equally in love with them too.

Bags and Pouches

Water Resistant Bags and Pouches

Our latest water resistant pouch collection is light-weight, crease-free and machine washable. It can be squeezed and stuffed into any shape, and will spring back to it’s original form. It is multi-purpose and ideal for organizing your daily paraphernalia, travel toiletries, cosmetics, socks, little toys or gadgets, Art and Craft items, stationery and anything else that fit.

Embracing Curves Women Wear

embracing curves curvy women wear collection

Our Embracing Curve collection is suitable for women who embrace their curves. We use flattering and roomy cutting to make blouses that are comfortable, functional, versatile, breathable in summer and timelessly beautiful

2-in-1 Girl Dress/Top

Girls Kids Dress/Top Spring Collection

Our kids clothing line is often a 2-in-1 design that can be worn both ways as a dress or top. We use 100% Japanese Cotton that is comfortable, breathable, durable and machine washable.