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Three layered satin cloth masks

We wanted to make cloth mask that is fitting, comfortable, breathable, gentler on skin and suitable for long hours of wearing. And here they are...

Three layered Reusable Satin Cloth Mask - Hong Made Label - Fashion Beyond Seasons

Women Wear - Blouse collection

Our blouses are suitable for women who embrace their curves. We use flattering and roomy cutting to make clothes that are comfortable, functional, versatile, breathable in summer and timelessly beautiful.

Women blouses - Hong made label @ Fashion Beyond Seasons

Kids Wear - Top and Dress collection

Our kids wear collection is often a 2-in-1 design that can be worn two ways. It can be worn as a dress and as a top as the child grows taller. We use 100% Japanese Cotton that is comfortable, breathable, durable and machine washable.

Kids Wear - Hong Made Label @ Fashion Beyond Seasons

Bags and Pouches - Water Resistant Collection

Our water resistant bag collection is ultra-lightweight, machine washable and durable. The bag can be stuffed, rolled, squeezed and squashed into any shapes without creases.

Waterproof Bags - Hong made label - Fashion Beyond Seasons

Oriental Cushion Cover Collection

The Oriental element creates a luxurious feel to the surrounding space and subtly exude a stark personality of its own. They fit well in a variety of interior design styles from contemporary, abstract, art moderne, British colonial to the good old Asian.

Asian Cushion Covers - Hong made label - Fashion Beyond Seasons